Cousino Macul Winery
Cousino Macul Winery Vineyard

Cousino Macul winery tours are a popular activity for people visiting Chile.

Cousino Macul winery is located 35 minutes outside of the Santiago city center, and is easily reachable by public transport. You can get there taking the metro to Quilin and then a short taxi ride. You can also drive there (see map).

The winery is one of the largest and most well known wineries in Chile, and Cousino Macul winery tours are offered every day. Tours are done in groups with a multilingual tour guide.

Each tour covers the history of the winery, production statistics, a show-round of the vineyards and the cellars, and a tasting.

There is a fee for the Cousino Macul winery tour that can be paid up front, and after the tour you can purchase wine from the shop if you would like to.